Sunday, November 24, 2013

2 Nov 2013~~Short Date with family : Cherating!!

Dear Blogista,

At last after 6 month with hardship of new life i've just got d chance to have a holiday!!! I mean d real holiday where u can relaxe ur mind stay out of ur daily routine n of course spending time with ur loves one=]S0 coincidently it was Deepavali and i've got no class dat wikend and at the same time there was a family day organised by father's school which means i would not get off the chance since i havent go for vacation for quite a long time....so0 on dat Friday juz rite after work, my brother pick me up n we drive safely to Jengka,,,--->>'we drive' here means we take our turn!!yuppp both were tired with our working days n weeks (haiiihh ble laa nk dpt driver y sanggop drive n tman iolls blk pahang...aamiinn..smoga dpermudahkan=])
Once smpai rumah as usual borak2 dgn mak n ayah then njoy our dinner together....dan slepas itu brmulalah episod mengerjakan dapor mak...since two days b4 mak kol n told me dat die tringin nk mkn pavlova n apam polkadot....so0 iolls daaa bg list awl2 dkt my sis Ila coz dat time she's arrived home one day befor us...then tung tang tung tang kat dapor tgk jam dah kul 3 pgi...hahaha nk ckp pnat ke tak tatau lahh...mayb i was born as super women kott.....maka thidang lah sgale dishes utk picnic esk=]
tadaaa.......Lilybellas' homade Dadih+Pavlova+Apam polkadot

So on d early tomorrow morning we shoot to Kuantan...d fest event wud be Bowling tournament at Megamall.....hahhh benci sunggoh!!!iolss tah suke maen bowlingg...okeh 1st sbb mmg i tak pandai maen....2nd maen satu game jee tp nktahan skt tgn tuh makkk aiii smpaiii smnggu tawwww!!!...huhuhuh tp skali skale layankan je lahh...ktorang pnye eksited smpai ktorang org fest y smpai kat Megamall lane tuh...then En ayah ayah ckp go n play...padahal En.ayah n Pn mak nk practice coz kejap lgi dorang y msok tournament...kttorng nih tumpang mnyelit jeee.....

ehemmm amek mood dolu b4 maen...ktorang y gugurlss nih mmg dtg nk bgambar jee;p

see style jee lbeyhh...abaikan 2 y tcorot-_______-!!

family camewhore......we're in bluessss!!!!

so0 sbagai result our parents lose in d tournament sbb ktorng smpat tlg mak n ayah maen utk 1st game je...2nd game ktorang siblings lari cuci n Ila of course lah cuci mte cri bju...while my bro cbuk cri hadiah utk sweety die....after d tournament we had our lunch at Pizza hut....n ddatangi suprise by C.AMY+ ECIK n all d lil caliphs....dsbbkn ktorang tade adk kechik n all d lil caliphs tade kakak so sume nk manje2 lahh.. d lil Aye @Afiq tanak berenggang dgn iollss smpai mkn pon nk beribe....dah mcm mak2 sgt...iolss tak smpat nk snap pic sbb buzy layan dorang...juz rite after dat bru lah ktorang shoot ke Residence Inn Cherating.

view from our room on Residence Inn...welll tmpat die best sgt especially pantai die sgt chantekkk...Subhanallah=]motipp sgt amek gmbar toilet...welll for me whenever i go toilet was d main part...hahahah;p

n d girls ready for dinner.....okayhh die pnye mknn memang ohsemmm...i juzz kcant refuse all d seafood n westie...ltak tepi dlu pantang...kikiikik

the next morning while En ayah & Dak Ila still sleeping me pujok my mom & my lil brother tron ke laot....(wahhh ayt nelayan sgtt)...yesssss after 5 years at last dis is d next chance i nk pijak pasir puteh tepi pantai...last iolls hirup air masin laot was when matriculation itu pon sbb kes TERterjon laot time nk g candat sotong...haaaa uolls mmpu terjon laot ??mihmih abaikan kenagan pahit ituu...see iolls siap bwk mini bucket bagai kununnyeee nk ber sandcastle...tpiiiiiii..........................
ini jadinyee ble daa smpai pantai...cmpak tepi itu baldi nmpak surf board tros beli...abaikan surfboard lil mermaid tuh...muahaha actually teringin nk bli surfboard nih sbb pantai die ombak sgt kuat so0 ramai org g surfing..klu ktorang stay lme lg kat ctu mmg ktorng daa pergi daftar surfing sbb daa nk blk syok sndri jelah gune surfboard lil mermaid tuh....kununye ala2 Kim Tan dlm The Heirs gitewhh...feeling2 Miami ckit...wahhh
after daa siap bjemur iolls pon bsiap lah utk balik..iolls nek bs ke kl...n my family blk ke this is d view of residence inn...quite a peaceful place...bole laa stakat skali skale nk release tension lr dr bandar..n last but not list from me (Residence Inn,2013)


Friday, November 15, 2013

3C!!( Congratulatios, Celebration & Convocations) LAST PART

Dear Blogista,

Here are d last part which was my last day in Parit Raja for convocation future i might come here again n again as imma gonna miss dis memorable Parit Raja demm dis is the Convocation Day for real....our session was on d evening at 2pm but we decide to come earlier so dat we cn take studio pics because everyone 'll be going back juz rite after d ceremony...let's throll the pics=]

ktorng check out dr homestay seawal y mungkin pg tuh...yesss at last ade gmmbr dgn beg jubah wlupon iolss tak amek sndri jubah=]

dis is d homestay dat we've been staying...naiiice was design by d owner's husband himself...juz wanna tell dat scarf i bought from Muaz Textile with some additional beads by me..n d baju was sponsored by my mom which originally Batik Terengganu while the patch lace n beads originally design & done by me=]

our morning brekfes...roti canai & accident motor and bus depan mata...dis is pt raja=]

fest thing fest sesampai je UTHM  pg tuh iolss tros settlekn gmbr studiso since my session ptg n i'm going back to kl dat evening olso so juz settle everything fest so dat i wont rush later bacoz imma kinda of clumsy person...nnt gelabah je lbey wlupon i ttap akn glabah either wat preparation ke tak...hahaha

dis is be4 msk dewan...i juz grab everyone whoever i've seen juz for pics purpose...n dis is part of my classmates...time nih ade y br nk pakai jubah lah ade y br nk bkk plastic lah...layankn je dak2 laki nihh..masak dah ngn perangai dorang

backstage:xcited kemain msg2...sume org tak reti nk ddok diam...tahap kepoh ktorang smpai kene sound dgn like we cares!!! they dont know how we've been miss each other so much=]

In d hall: ktorang smpat mnitikkan  air mte wktu lgu UTHM fast the time flies...rse br je smlm ktorng nyanyi lgu UTHM for d first time wktu orientasi (hyperbola sgtt smlm..abaikan;p)

randomly after kluar dewan with my family...sadly my lovely sister Ila tak dpt join bcoz she was to buzy saving d world..tapelah k.ngah konvo master klu ila tak datang jgak k.ngah nrajok there's only me  Ayah, Ma & Ami...Thanxx for coming n i juz cant described how much i Love u olls...thanxx for all d supports...n espececially d Lily & Daisy...d Lily was bought juz symbolic of me n d Yellow Daisy bcoz as Bright as me...thanxxx mom u know me d best=]

randomly with all bestie, lecturers (Dr asrul & Dr Gomes) n olso my seniors=]...before sume back to our new life

n lastlyyyyy...bubbye Parit raja.....its d end but indeed it was a start actually..a new start of a real journey of life..Gud luck everyone!!

p/s :N as usual the clumsy part of me...i forgot to take my transcript Lollzzz...demmm=[[


x0x0 Lilyana

061013~3C (COongratulatios Celebration & Convocatio) PART2

Dear Blogista,

so0 d second part of my convocation story was all about PHOTOSHOOT!!!...actually weolls planning nk photoshoot diawal pgi plus mnurut photographer gmbar akn lebih cantek...dsbbkn mlm tuh ktorang dahh tdo dgn sronoknye maka pgi itu ktorang bgn dlm keadaan mnyesal dan Lapar dtambah pula dgn gerimis pagi y begitu mengasyikkan..awww;p terasa utk tarik selimut dan tdo0 but i'm not coming to Johor to sleep...Soo i tros ajak Mek (Asmaa Che Hashim) pegi cri brekfes...dgn natural beauty nye ktorang pon kluar lah berdua berjalan kaki smbil mlenggang2 mmbawa payung mncari kedai makan....wktu beli brekfes boleh plak mkcik tuh risik tanye iolls bwk rombongan pengantin ke...hahah nak je ak jawab sye lah bakal pengantin..agk2 tkejot tak m.cik tuh klu bakal pengantin kuar g beli nasi lemak pg2 buto haa....then balik ktorang pon sarap tak hengat....dan dsbbkn cuaca tak mnunjukkan signs y hujan akn berenti dlm mse terdekat, so0 i came out with an idea to prepare props utk phoshoot...well we love doing last mins work...so0 ktorang kol kak kechik (Zira) suh bwk ape2 brg y ptt.....
sesi penyediaan propss...tonggang tebalik sume orang...daa lme tak pegang gunting n gam ktenye...

Maka pd petang hrinye brmulalah sesi photoshoot....till then lets d pictures tell ya d story=] :

so0...this is d cameraman, Abg Syah one of UTHM Staff...he's owesom tell u;pthanxx abg Syah, weolss do love d pics demm much!

 Behind d scene...noted dat ktorang siap bbaju kurong bagai okayhhh

Gambar 1st...nk skema je...tgh warm up lg time nih...dis dataran siswazah...tmpt wajib utk sume org amek gmbar konvo;p
Mungkin gmbar nih boleh dgunakan utk adds UTHM; Cad UTHM;P

 At last dis is our first props...=]nih pon salah satu tmot wajib utk gmbr konvo kat UTHM..padahal kapal terbang tuh tade kaitan pon dgn life tatau lahh klu jodoh dgn pilot ke kan...upss;p

Okehhh ini props beli sndri atas perkongsian kami ber5...sienzzzz lol...

Okehhh at last nih y close up...from left Kechik Sara Awe me & Mek!

n dis is our stadium.....jgn ckp ktorang tak smpat cuci mte....lalalal n no worries ktorng bkn jln kaki kesni..iolls drive smbl pkai topi 1rst sgt;p

Dat payung olso ktorang beli khas utk berkonvo;p

memasing verangaann wedding shoot siap nk maen rebut bunge bagai=]

anddd at lastttt..dis our Faculty...see d purple back there!!!ayu sgt sume....

hahaha y nih request mntak gmbar ala2 dlm google...berbaloi ktorang upah jubah mahal2...sronok melenjan ini jubah;p

hahaha naiice...mmg berbaloi bayar duit jubah mhl2 dapat ligan smpai cmnih;p

do hold the friendship till jannah okayhh;p

cobaan menggediksss wlupon dah mmg gedikkss;p

FPTP most wanted yawwww;p

last but not n d medal=]...dat medal at least mngubat sdikit klukaan d down feeling & nigthmare dat i faced 4 years before...d medal gimme a little more strength n new path of life...n i belief dat Allah S.W.T adalah sebaik2 perancang..aamiin=]



Monday, November 11, 2013

6/10/2013- 3C!!!!!(Congratulation,Convocation,Celebration) PART1

Dear Blogista,

On 6 October 2013, it was one of the precious moment that i've been waiting since kindergarden...klu dlu2 time tadika & sekolah selalu buat karangan nak belajar sampai ke menara gading and now i'm graduating from my Menara Gading which was UNIVERSITI TUN HUSSEIN ONN MALAYSIA....Disebabkan terlalu excited with my convocation,i wat preparation daa mcm wat preparation utk org kawen...i even apply leave for 2 days which means from Thursday until Monday...Actually the most important part of convocation was when u can meet all ur friends that u'been leaving for almost half of year...n i just miss Parit Raja so kate tempat jatuh lagikn dikenang inikan plak tempat bermain....so0 bersempena dgn convocation ini i've prepare a lot of checklist dan antarenye:

1) To do list before Convo
  • Pujok my kesayangans Hawa, Sara, Mek & Zira so that weolls can stay together and spend time together selama y boleh
  • Book homestay for my parents
  • Book homestay for my kesayangan
  • Book photographer for pre-convo shoot 
  • Prepare props for photoshoot
  • Baju Konvo
  • Submit personal details dkat Zira so that Zira bole tlg amekkan Jubah...thanxx kak kechikk;p
  • Sediakan tentatif untuk 4 hri di Pt Raja
2) List tempat mkn y digidamkan:
  • Parit Daun
  • Parit Bengkok
  • Nan Cheese BP
  • So Fresh
  • Cendol
  • Air Hitam
  • Black Ball
  • Pinggan Besar

Maka our journey was start on dat Thursday 4/10/13...i gerak dr KL with Mek & Awe...After working i tros pick up Awe& Mek  dkat pekeliling...then Kak iemah callckp rndu nk jmpe Mek & Awe...so0 weolls shoot pegi Balakong ngadap kak iemah dulu...thanx kak iemah for d early pre-convo gift.
okehh...ini dkat downtown klu tak silap...dkat Ktm Serdang...ktorang sempat menyantap dinner;pthanxx again to kekkmah for d treats=]

Then lbey kurang kul 10 mcm tuh br ktorng not directly to Batu Pahat sbb daa janji dengan Acap nk konvoi skali...since dis was my first time driving ke Johor sengsorang so0 mcm tak brani jgak laa kn...naseb bek laa Acap nk tlg tmankn...klu die tanak pon ak akn pakse jgk die tmnkn...heee peace yawww;p

wktu nih mngantok daa takterkate,,,tp kugagahkn Acap boleh ajk race plak klu tak pon mmg drive slaju mungkin sbb tak sabar nk smpai..xcitedd!!1

sampai je kat air hitam ktorang siap bole berenti dkat tol sbb nk amek angin Batu Pahat...yuppp d breeze was very different...i cn feel dat i'm back in 4 years before=[[...ktorang smpai around 10'clock bt then tak tros ke umah penginapan...ktorang singgah Mamak Tmn U dlu kasi lepas rndu sambil melahar with Aiman, Amy n d Gengs...then bru ktorng gerak ke umah penginapan which was umah Kak Kechik...smpai2 umah die tros kene carot...huaaaa "haaa...nih daa knape mcm org kene halau umah??"hahaha sedebik kene dengan Kak kecik...die nih bdn je kecik tpi bile die daa start membebel tahan jelah tlinge...hihihih....ble daa jumpe kn tak kesah lah umah irg ke hape maka tak berenti lah beborak nye...pillow talk sgtttt n at last ktorang ttdo smbl bborak dsbbkn kpenatan...1st thing 1st ble bgn tdo next morning "smlm kte borak smpai mne ye?"hahaha...itu laa lepas rndu nmenye.

Next Day pagi2 buta ktorang daa gerak msk UTHM utk amek my Medal utk anugerah Naib Canselor...Congrats to me myself!!!hahaha..

Jalan2 pusing UTHM TERCHENTA...smbil settlekn ape2 y ptt=]

Then ktorang pegi brekfest dkat Parit Bengkok...spt biase i mnjlankn tnggngjawab y dah 4 years mmg dserahkn kat tgn i which is mengmpulkn rodong2 utuk brekfest...mngumpul rodong2 nih trmasuk skali dgn pakej tlg kjotkn dorang bgn tdo00,,,haishhh nseb laa ak tade p.we...;pso0 antre rodong y bjaye dkumpolkn ialah ktorang ber4, Aeman, Amy ,Acap & pnampilan istimewa pengantin to be Abam Syafiq=]since it was Jumaat tak boleh lepak lme sgt coz ktorng nk kene pick up Sara then nk check in Homestay n bsiap utk rehearsal...

xcited try Jubah...time nih daa check in homestay...btw hoemstay sgtt cantekk n puas hati i bagi 9/10=]y penting it was affordable~~
muke2 skema y dtg rehearsal...klu nk tau wlupon rehearsal nih mmbosankn tp ktorng sbnrnye dtg nk bborak n cuci mte jee..btw sonok tau tgk msg2 dtg dgn muka bkerjaya n dress up bagai nk rak;p

Abes rehearsal ktorang lepak dkat of our favourite stall jgak lah....then blk homestay dah maghrib..blk tuh ktorng rest smbil santai2 dpan tv...dgn hasrat nk kuar lepak tgh mlm tuh...i dah plan dgn Acap n Am suh dtg pick up ktorang since ktorng tak dinner apekn daya at dat sume org daa ttdo...Acap kmne Am pon kmne n dinner pon kmne...Well luckily we've sleep a lil bit early because there's another 2 tiring awesome happening days waiting for us...n it will be continue on d next part=]


Thursday, October 24, 2013


Arini ak dpt offer from my seniors for a job with binaschedulers as a planner...I'm confuse n not sure wether I shud go or not...honestly I dont like my jobs now yeah though it was very relaxing...I dont like d nvironment here thoug d boss was juz oke....God please help me to decide...shud I juz stay here?? bt dats not really my..I like challenges!! I need to move on for my life..I'll gain nothinh juz by sitting on d chair...yupp I think dat I ody nekad to try for d studies?? Igt yana Allah takkan uji hambanya lebih dr kmampuan...so0 go for wat u want to be...d most important thing try!! Dont afraid to fall...Ya Allah make it ease for me...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

23/10/2013~Happy Birthday my Dear Miezz Sayra=]


It was 23rd Oct...ptt laa 2/3 hri nih asyk belek kalendar je rse mcm ade ari penting someone and it was my Bestie's birthday Miezz Sayra..Sara atau nme sbenar Nur Maisarah bt Sa'at.. ktorang start kenal since 1st day daftar msk kat UTHM...we're fated to b a rumate n melarat mnjadi Bestie....tahap rapat ktorng smpai org igt ktorng kembar n ktorang slalu jgak wat maen dkt mreka2 y slalu curious sbb ktorng sntiase bkepit dan ktorang dgn bngge mengiakan y ktorng nih kembar...hihihih...Sara nih nakal nakal2 nakal comell gitewhh...i blaja jd nakal dgn die lahh;pheeee...welll bdak2 laki kls ktorng tkot ngn ktorang bedua sbb dorang ckp ktorang ganas...i igt lgi wktu 1st sem...bdk2 laki tkot nk kwn ngn ktorang bedua sbb dktekn nye ganas....n ndk2 pompuan kls ktorng tanak kwn ngn ktorng sbb ktorng gedik ktenye...hahahah tpii ktorng tak kisah...ktorng bhgia dgn ape y ktorang wat...n   last hasilnye sem 7 which was our last sem satu kls tak kre lelaki mahupon ppompuan btukar jdi ganas dan gedik sbb bkawan ngn ktorng...sorry weolls tak mntak  uolls kwn ngn ktorang...(ayatblagaktakberagak;p)

Klu nk citer sume memori ktorang bedua mmg 7 hri 7 mlm tak abes sbb tlalu banyak throwback y nk i akn try listkn sbnyk mngkin memori daun pisang ktorang=]...;

  1. TT8816~okeh dis is Mr. Bubu milik cik sara...thanxx sara sbb jdikn yana 2nd owner Bubu...Thanx kasi yana tumpang Bubu...Bubu bnyk bwk kita jengjalan n mengenal erti kehidupan rite=]...Sbb Bubu yana tau bnyak pasal kereta....Kte penah eksiden dgn p.cik polis Uthm, putus Timing Belt, Hon kete ilang punca, Naek Tow Truck, Radio kene curik...sumeee kenangan y yana tabole lupe dgn Bubu..Bubu is awsome u noe!!!i Hope Bubu n my Mr IR cn b a besfren as how we' last tlepas hajat yana nk bwk sara naek kreta yana sndri time konvo aritu wlupon yana tau tak boleh balas jasa Sara bwk yana 4 thon=[[
  2. Padang Rugby~okeh i hope u still remember dis place...tiap kli kte stress dsbbkn assg, test or etc kte akn dtg date kat tepi pdg rugby nih...hahaha strategik gle tmpat kn....hahaha syarat date ialah pkul 5 dan keatas dan dtemani Pau Tanjung dan juga jelly dat time kte akn mkn Pau smbil berangan for our future....
  3. Taman Wira~yupppp tmpat kte start jdi rapat gileee was when kte start msk umah sewa kat tmn wira...juz we got dump by a freindship...we built a more stronger freindship here at taman wira...time nih bnyk sgt dugaan...kte bru je kene dump coz of friendship then due2 break up dgn p.we....huaaa sdeyh sgt time nih...klu sara prasan time nih both of us lost weight sgt2....hahaha...mne taknye tiap2 bulan ulang alik g klinik dmm rndu ktenye..hahaha...n thanx to u again sbb tlg jge yana time yana sakit....tlg pakse yana mkn ubat, tampalkan coolfever, tlg tumbuk ubat utk yana n.....tlg mskkn maggi ikan y ohsem tuhhh;p
  4. Alarm clock~huhuh Sara nih act da mcm alarm clock i....act i ade mslh dgn my short term memory...kdg2 mende y i bru buat 5 minit lpas pon i bole lupe...n Cik sara nih laa y jd my alarm clock..nsib baek die nih jenis y suke memerhati...so0 sume mnde y i lupe die akn igtkn...n skarang tau takkk idup i daa tak tntu arah sbb daa tade alarm clock bgerak nih
  5. Thanx jgak dkat Cik Sara sbb tak penah lupe tlg potongkn kuku i....i mmg fail bab2 nk potong kuku...i mean i tak reti potong kuku....huaaa klu potong kuku sndri slalu kene marah dgn sara sbb die ckp ptg kuku mcm bdk2..and at last tiap2 ari jumaat Sara akn potongkn kuku i...bkn itu sje..i ade mslh utk mmbuka...dr sbesar2 benda utk dbuka smpai lah skecil2 benda utk dbuka dan tnasuklah plastik gula...which means klu tade Cik Sara tak mkn gula2 lah iolss
  6. Bunga ros~hehehe yana takkan lupe bunge ros y sara petik kat pesta konvo utk kasi hadiah kat yana tuhh...peacee;p
  7. Rm1~yana still lgi smpan dwet RM1 bentuk love y sara wat utk yana time sem bpe ntah
  8. Kereta api~yana takkan lupe kenangan kte nek train blk phg without TICKETS....mrempat kat kafe tade tmpt dduk...nomad dr grabak ke grabak bg mlabuhkn muntut....then balik dpt mc sbb kene qllergic environment kotor..gewdiksss sgttt;p
  9. RNR~ Yeahh yana takkan lupe knangan kte tdo dkat rnr n its twice...1st otw blk putrajaya kte tdo kat rnr Seremban n 2nd Blk dr JB kte tdo kat rnr Machap kot...hahaha it was very rare..

Okehh...mmg bnyk tak terkate...daa meleh air mte menaip...touching kejap...S0O Sayra once more time i'm wishing u a happy 24th birthday...Semoga dpanjangkan umur, dmurahkn rezeki dan dpermudahkan segalenye tmsk urusan mncari jodoh...ehemmm...i hope a cn be ur BFF till Jannah...

 antara aktiviti hjung mnggu :merewang...gmbr time krus...i mean kurus dr skarang;p

 Shopping in KL...Time nih singgah dinner kat umah Aeman Zach;p

 Pesta konvo 2011..time nih weolls jdi toke kedai..verangan bkk butik daa time nihh=]

Okeh pose Gossip Girl wajib..time nih kat Sngpore=]

Pa's farewell.with my Lovey Dovey Dr Goh Kaichen

Okeh y nih versI Paris Hilton ahakss...dis one during 4Bpc's farewell..dekat Belumut..=]

anddd last but not Least.....Our Grdaduation day..!!!!

I hope dis wudn't b d last point of our friendship..smoga persahabatan nih kekal ke anak cucu;p