Thursday, October 24, 2013


Arini ak dpt offer from my seniors for a job with binaschedulers as a planner...I'm confuse n not sure wether I shud go or not...honestly I dont like my jobs now yeah though it was very relaxing...I dont like d nvironment here thoug d boss was juz oke....God please help me to decide...shud I juz stay here?? bt dats not really my..I like challenges!! I need to move on for my life..I'll gain nothinh juz by sitting on d chair...yupp I think dat I ody nekad to try for d studies?? Igt yana Allah takkan uji hambanya lebih dr kmampuan...so0 go for wat u want to be...d most important thing try!! Dont afraid to fall...Ya Allah make it ease for me...

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