Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy Hour Hoiiiii

haaa okehh skang ckop sbulan iollss hidup kat bndar Metropolitan Kuala Lumpur nih....jgn ckp iolss tak pnai bwk dri okeh...iolsss nih bkn festime mrantau....dri Kuantan ke Kedah then ke Johor n now duk kat tgh2 pusat bandar ni fest mmg pegi keje tatau na naek ape..,na naek kat mne....,na g ngn sape...then time lunch na lunch ngan sape.....n at lastttttt i id it alll of hem juz by myself....on my own....even me myself never thought that i cn be such independent person.....welllll wellll rse tharu nak menangis pon hadeeee....hihihih*_____*

wlupon sengsorang iollsss daaa bjye shopping kat mid sengsorang juz in one month....korang ade...hahahah bkagak gilakkk...forget it....sbnarnye nk cite...aritu juz rite after office hours iollss tross ride d alphard towards KL sentral...jgn tak caye uolls iollss daa ade private driver skaranag...nong neng noong neng,,teheeee....usually my driver juz akn drop i kat pntu arrival y ngaap hotel hilton tuh...then i kene jalan kaki sndri pegi dkt hub transit bus utk tggu rapi kl plakkk...biasenye msok dlm kl sentral tuhh i akn bkk seribu langkah jalan slaju mungkin utk kejar bs y seawal mungkin lahh...klu tak mmg lme lahh kene bdiri lm dat day as usual by d time i rushing nk ke hub transit bs uh tibe2 i nmpk org kerumun ramai2 kat tgh2 KL SENTRAL tuh...d only one thing in my mind dat time is "is dat a SALE???"...Ahaaa dgn muke y very d curious iolls pon pegilah nyelit2 kat celah crowds n here there is an HAPPY HOUR!!!!!
It was beauty product from SAVEE which is from Singapore....everything was buy one free one n was like......yarkkkkk...begiulahh nafsu org bergaji....well klu tak iolss nak guna gaji wt ape lgi kn.....=]]

tadaaaa....inilah hasilnye....eyeshadow n olso masker...klu ikotkn nafsu bnyk lg y nak nseb baek time nih iman tgh kuat...heee....n d next day i aaa tak lalu ikot main hall kl sentral tuh tkot jmpe godaan lg...

Regars X0X0;Lilyana

Monday, June 3, 2013


during my last study week my family had come to visit me in Pt Raja...usually when come to study week i'll either come back to my hometown to ask blessed from both my parents or they will come to visit me in Pt Raja....n dis ime they' come to visit n at the same time having a short holiday here....So as usual i've oredy book homestay PAK cIK SULIMAN for them...n the next day without any planning we went to d New Hot stuff plce a that time which is Legolan....once we arrived there we juz loitering aroun d Medini mall N take some pics.....bcoz of  ocean of people queueing up to buy d tickets we decided no to get involve with d crowds.....=[[nyway takpeelahh...coz act Legoland is not fully construct yet...there are another 2 theme park whis is still under constuction....Soo dis gonna be my 2nd time loiteriing around d Medini mall smbil cuci2 mate y dah mmg rabun a least we really njoy d moments there=]]
here they are d's only 11am by dat time bt u cant imagine d queue for d tickets
My lovey dovey family=]]
siblingsss....(apsal tslah rotate plakk..haihhh)

n meeeeeeee=]
at lasttt iollss tatau na wat ape iolsss pon bercaricature kat cni...i daa pesan kat abg tuhh iollss tanak borak ngn die nnti tak jd gmbr iolssss siappp laaa...n hasilnyeeeeeee
tadaaaaa....mmg tak sme pon...wellll muka classics mcm iollss nih mmg bkn calang2 org y bole lukis tawwww;p
okehhhh mak n ayah pon tanak lepas pluang becaricature...layankn ajeeee;p

huhuhu i wish one finee day when i daa bgaji i akn bwk gerondong2 i nih msok Legoland...i'llah=]


Tanggal 28 January 2013 maka berakhirlah sesi pembelajaran pelajar2 Pengurusan pembinaan Univesiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia batch 09/13.....yeahhhh its d en of our degree...n next we will move on to the next phase of our life which is WORKING LIFEEE.....(is sound much scaryy)...

after 3 n half years living in Pt Raja there's lots of memories there....i'll juz buried all d memorie there in d parit raja but not d frienship.....before ending our degree life me n all my classmates had arranged few gathering to create as much memories we can=] my classmates very d 1 Malaysia u noe...but then we're still close to each other...

yeahhhh...our last class which is my papa's class a.k.a Dr Goh=]

our farewell bbq at Gunung Belumut
our Alumni talks
my BFFTJ=]
last but not least my FYP

A bunch of thnxx to all my bestfrens for being by my side for almost four years....thanxx to all those advise that keep me stronger...i do LOVE uguys soo much..XOXO;P