Friday, November 15, 2013

3C!!( Congratulatios, Celebration & Convocations) LAST PART

Dear Blogista,

Here are d last part which was my last day in Parit Raja for convocation future i might come here again n again as imma gonna miss dis memorable Parit Raja demm dis is the Convocation Day for real....our session was on d evening at 2pm but we decide to come earlier so dat we cn take studio pics because everyone 'll be going back juz rite after d ceremony...let's throll the pics=]

ktorng check out dr homestay seawal y mungkin pg tuh...yesss at last ade gmmbr dgn beg jubah wlupon iolss tak amek sndri jubah=]

dis is d homestay dat we've been staying...naiiice was design by d owner's husband himself...juz wanna tell dat scarf i bought from Muaz Textile with some additional beads by me..n d baju was sponsored by my mom which originally Batik Terengganu while the patch lace n beads originally design & done by me=]

our morning brekfes...roti canai & accident motor and bus depan mata...dis is pt raja=]

fest thing fest sesampai je UTHM  pg tuh iolss tros settlekn gmbr studiso since my session ptg n i'm going back to kl dat evening olso so juz settle everything fest so dat i wont rush later bacoz imma kinda of clumsy person...nnt gelabah je lbey wlupon i ttap akn glabah either wat preparation ke tak...hahaha

dis is be4 msk dewan...i juz grab everyone whoever i've seen juz for pics purpose...n dis is part of my classmates...time nih ade y br nk pakai jubah lah ade y br nk bkk plastic lah...layankn je dak2 laki nihh..masak dah ngn perangai dorang

backstage:xcited kemain msg2...sume org tak reti nk ddok diam...tahap kepoh ktorang smpai kene sound dgn like we cares!!! they dont know how we've been miss each other so much=]

In d hall: ktorang smpat mnitikkan  air mte wktu lgu UTHM fast the time flies...rse br je smlm ktorng nyanyi lgu UTHM for d first time wktu orientasi (hyperbola sgtt smlm..abaikan;p)

randomly after kluar dewan with my family...sadly my lovely sister Ila tak dpt join bcoz she was to buzy saving d world..tapelah k.ngah konvo master klu ila tak datang jgak k.ngah nrajok there's only me  Ayah, Ma & Ami...Thanxx for coming n i juz cant described how much i Love u olls...thanxx for all d supports...n espececially d Lily & Daisy...d Lily was bought juz symbolic of me n d Yellow Daisy bcoz as Bright as me...thanxxx mom u know me d best=]

randomly with all bestie, lecturers (Dr asrul & Dr Gomes) n olso my seniors=]...before sume back to our new life

n lastlyyyyy...bubbye Parit raja.....its d end but indeed it was a start actually..a new start of a real journey of life..Gud luck everyone!!

p/s :N as usual the clumsy part of me...i forgot to take my transcript Lollzzz...demmm=[[


x0x0 Lilyana

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