Thursday, March 24, 2016

24th March 2016

Its 2016 ody and aku tak sangka i'm still writing inthis blog.
My last post would be in 2014 if not mistaken.
Ibarat aku ni penah hilang sesat dekat pulau
and tbe2 br jmpe cri jalan kluar and masih melalui liku2 hidup y sme..

Yeah i'm 26 and still single without boyfriends and i dont need that coz i'm looking forward for a husband and not boyfriend

Its 2016 and i'm still in UMLAND which is this could be my 3rd year in UMLAND
and UMLAND nowadays dh tak sme mcm before nih everything changed.
Skang aku banyak buat hal sndiri and perasaan excited dtg keje tu dh tade mcm before nih. the only things y aku happy dkat UMLAND nih is my geng mangkuk......other than that was just my fake smile...well if i got xtra tome i would slowly bfief on that.

Its 2016 already and i still haven't finish my Bsc's....Well actually ade sikit lagi saki baki writing thesis aku...Insyaallah ak akn habiskn by this year.

I've just realize that i've been walking so long sampai aku tak tau aku ade dkat mne skarang

which I could say that I'm LOST!!!!!

I was like walking with no it this is one of the symptoms that i'm getting older??
or i've enjoy my life too much??

I'm still looking for the answers

Now l've got another few minutes before getting ready for my class tonight

Wait for my next post...if there will be another post👯

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