Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Blessed December


One day I've received a called from United Malayan Berhad (UML) saying that I was choosen for their vacancies. I've been called for QAQC  Management Trainee... Act i've oredy forget when did i submit my resume... then i checked back into my gmail Inbox n yuppp i did apply that from Jobstreet 5 months before....n act by that time I've oredy stop applying any vacancies from Jobstreet since there's no any reply....and Alhamdulillah it is all written and fated rite...Allah make it ease for me....Trase diri ini begitu hina..dsaat dri y tak sempurna terhadap maha pencipta tp Sang pencipta tidak pernah putus memberi rezeki kpd hambanya=(
Alhamdulillah again with one shot of interview Ive been choosen for that position....and again Allah make it ease for me...n i've decide to choose UML for my next career.. act tade cacat cela pon my previous company...its just that i'm looking forward for more chances and experiences and knowledge....dalam Quran pon stated that y kte kene sentiasa blaja improve ourself dan janji Allah ade balasan utk org y tidak pernah putus asa=]......and thanx a lot to my previous Boss Mr Mogan for being very supportive.....He's letting me go=[ ( U're still young, there's lot of things that u need to learn... Go n see the world ).....

Till then I'm welcoming myself to UML n wish everyone there welcomed me too=]


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