Monday, February 13, 2012

1#-snap snap

description : dah nme album snap cn be whatever n whenever laa kn..act nih album time mule2 msk uthm dolu...msng2 muke nerd lg...sume innocent,ikot ckp mak mak ckp kwn ngan sume org jgn sombong2...kirenye album nih time sblom badai dtg melande tape lah,ape y dh jdi tuh jd lah...kpd mereka2 y ak pnah bkwn, tp dah backstab ak tuh hak korng,life korng....even ak ta bole na lupe smpai skang ape y korng wat tuh,bt don worry ak daa maafkn korng..n i hope u guys re thnkng the same way as me...sape lah kite na mnghukum org...btol x???okeee2 (daa trbuat luahan pasaanT_T).....so00 i'm introducing to the world all my pwens mse mule2 msok dulu....y pnh setia brkwn ngan ak n y msih setia brkwn ngan ak=]


my bestie y i cyggg sgt2>>c.sara=]
time nih sume pon rapat lg...yelaa bru knal,so0 msing2 tak tnjok belang lg=]tp tape lah i guess i'm lucky to be one of ur friends...ho0ho0.....
 1st outing i guess...with cyg k.noni n cyg sara

nih mmbr2 y still kelp me laughing,shed my tears n olways there beside me till now=]



heee so0 abes satu album..wait for the nex n so 0n...this is all my journey=]

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